Friday, March 16, 2018

Unexpected mercy

Friday in the Fourth Week of Lent

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,
and his mercy endures for ever.
Psalm 107:1

By the time I realize I am in the cash-only lane rather than the ez-pass lane, it is too late to change. I have cash, but no ticket because I entered the turnpike through the express lane. I wait for my turn at the toll booth with unease because this is going to be difficult to fix. The last time I messed up on the turnpike, the toll booth guy yelled at me.

My turn comes, and I roll down my window apologizing for being in the wrong lane. "That's OK," comes the reply, "we all make mistakes." And the man smiles as he quickly solves the problem and I am on my way.

So simple. So unexpected. So powerful. I feel like I have received a blessing. Like forgiveness has been poured upon me. Like I have been absolved from a host of larger failings. Like I have been told I am worthy.

Mercy is not a small thing.

Image credit: zimmytws / 123RF Stock Photo