Thursday, March 1, 2018

Growing up, still

Thursday in the Second Week of Lent

O God, you have taught me since I was young,
and to this day I tell of your wonderful works.
Psalm 71:17

"I just wanted you to know that someone stole my credit card number," my oldest daughter texts, "I'm talking to the bank."

The subtext is twofold. She's upset and wants to reach out to her mom for reassurance, and…she's handling it. I am impressed by both. It pleases me that my relationship with my 20-year-old includes comforting one another, being there for one another. And I do know that this is a two-way street. She also has the grace and capacity to attend to my woes and celebrations.

And then there is the fact that she does not need me to fix this for her. She is on it. Adulting, she calls it, making a verb out of coming into her own.

As a child of God, I am still in the process of coming into my own. My prayer practice of sharing my woes and celebrations and being open to God's word for me keeps me connected to my creator. And as I age, I continue to gain capacity in handling the complexities of life while at the same time learning my limits, always on the curve of discerning what is mine to fix and what is not and what must rest in the hands of my savior.

And along the way, I have raised my daughter in the faith--and she continues to raise me as well.