Thursday, March 13, 2014

Songs of Promise

Thursday in the First Week of Lent

The heavens declare the glory of God,
   and the firmament shows God’s handiwork.  Psalm 19:1

Against the raging of the ferocious wind, I hear the glorious resonant tones of my neighbor’s wind chimes. Some craftsperson designed them with grace and precision. Even a soft breeze sets off their sweet baritone. And in the midst of this morning’s tumult they nevertheless respond with beautiful song.

Yesterday, in the wake of tempestuous rain, a magnificent rainbow arced across the sky, more stunning than I have seen in years. With colors bright and vibrant it seemed impossibly perfect. It held its place for a long time and even as I tried to visualize the science of its making, I was captured instead by its promise.

God is not tame. For this I am grateful and in awe. I want God’s wildness. I want the fierce power of the Almighty to sweep through me, cleaning out the wounds and detritus of old grudges and sins and crippling remembrances, leaving in their place rays of light.

Soft or fierce I want to open myself to God’s glory, lift my voice and sing.

Image credit: tobkatrina / 123RF Stock Photo 
copyright © Anne E. Kitch 2014