Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Changing the Game Plan

Wednesday in the First Week of Lent

Remember your word to your servant,
   because you have given me hope.   Psalm 119:49

I wake up problem solving, the transition from dream to reality hardly noticeable. One of yesterday’s unanswered emails pops into my head and as my brain anxiously proposes possible replies it is all I can do to reach for my prayer book instead of my computer.

Prayerfully I review the day before, giving thanks for the moments of grace discovered. Then it dawns on me. I have missed the giftedness that is all around me. Suddenly all of the people I encountered yesterday come back to me in a new light and I realize that I am surrounded by resources. My entire body relaxes, the day before me now one of promise rather than trouble.

Hope is a gift that gently tugs at my attention, a barely discernable breath with just a hint of warmth, smelling of moist soil and freshness and the promise of life.

copyright © Anne E. Kitch 2014