Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Joyful Shout

Tuesday in the First Week of Lent

Clap your hands, all you peoples;
   shout to God with a cry of joy.  Psalm 47:1

Taking a break from our meeting, we stand outside in a spot of sun, determinedly soaking up the almost-spring warmth. Inevitably, our conversation rehearses the ravages of this winter not quite past. More snow is in the forecast later this week, but for the moment we are undaunted. Then my colleague exclaims, “Look!”

Tucked in amidst the brown and dirty grass that has been exposed by the thaw, a crocus humbly points pale purple petals to the sun. We excitedly gather around to get a look. Our joy seems out of proportion for this ordinary showing. We almost overlooked it altogether; and perhaps if our yearning for spring were less desperate such an appearance would hardly have generated comment.

What else have I overlooked? What else deserves my joyful notice? I take a picture of this small spring flower and text it to my friends, determined now to see God’s grace in my work, in this day, in this moment.

copyright © Anne E. Kitch 2014