Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday in the Fourth Week of Lent

Steady my footsteps in your word;
   let no iniquity have dominion over me.
  Psalm 119:133

After the second failed attempt, it finally dawns on me to make a phone call. I am looking for a particular adhesive in order to repair a pair of boots. The show opens this week and all the backstage helpers are scurrying to get the final pieces in place. Hems to be adjusted, props still to be found, scenery to be painted, and this pair of boots which is causing one actor to slip across the stage.

I thought this would be one quick errand. I scan the aisles looking for the adhesive to no avail. I walk through the store again, sure it has to be there. I finally decide to ask someone, but cannot find a single employee. I head to the checkout counter. No, they don’t carry the adhesive. I drive to a nearby store to try again. This time I wait at customer service and ask if they carry it. The woman has never heard of it. I leave the store, my frustration beginning to mount. Why can’t I manage one simple errand? I pull out my phone and make an Internet search to see which stores actually carry the adhesive. The most popular recommendation is to order it online. Great. Two other stores are mentioned. One is too far away. But I can try the other one, if only they will have it. But I am doubtful. After all, why should this part of my day go smoothly?

This is the moment I think to call ahead. Even before the man answers the phone, I am sure they will not have it and will think I am crazy for asking. But I hear him say, “Just a moment, let me check,” as he puts me on hold.

I don’t expect him to actually check. I imagine him counting to ten as he thumbs through a magazine before he tells me, “Nope, don’t have that.”

But then his voice come back on, “Yes, we have it.” He tells me the size of the container and how much he costs. I thank him and tell him I will be right over. “I’ll keep it behind the counter for you,” he replies.

As I drive, I wonder what caused me to expect disappointment.

I enter the store and a very pleasant young man greets me cordially. He has the adhesive. I remember I also need batteries; he ably directs me to the correct aisle.

“Did you find everything you were looking for?” he asks as he rings up my order.

Well…no. But I am glad I did not find the disappointment I was looking for. I think I will stop looking for it.

copyright © Anne E. Kitch 2013