Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Tuesday in the Fourth Week of Lent

Confounded be all who worship carved images
and delight in false gods!  Psalm 97:7

The bag sits in my room, almost taunting me. I had gone into the store with a gift certificate, looking to buy one item of clothing that might delight me. But somehow, one item was not enough. I found myself enchanted by several articles and by the time I had succumbed to all the matching accessories, I came out of the store having spent more money than I had intended.

I can easily justify the purchases. What I regret is yielding to the lure of false promises that motivated my decisions. One would have been plenty.

Everyday I am tempted to put my trust in false gods, deceptive powers that burn brightly for a moment but eventually disappoint. The wiles of the enemy are subtle.

With deliberation I face into the Lenten desert again, seeking the clarity of the bright sun, windswept landscape, and the voice of the Holy One who sustains me with true abundance.

copyright © Anne E. Kitch 2014