Thursday, April 3, 2014

Taking out the Trash

Thursday in the Fourth Week of Lent

O God, you know my foolishness,
   and my faults are not hidden from you.  Psalm 69:6

I hear the rumble of the truck as it pulls up to my house early in the morning. I am caught up short; did anyone remember to set the trash out last night for collection?  Many mornings I have run out into the cold wearing slippers to drag the cans to the corner. And the truth is that on some mornings the good-hearted workers have come to the side of the house to collect the bins we failed to put out.

It is so convenient. Throw the trash, or anything I don’t want, or don’t want to deal with, into a container, set it on the curb, and know it will be taken away.

If only it were so easy to get rid of my faults. But perhaps it is not so foolish to make a weekly collection of my errors and transgressions, to gather them up, and set them out to be taken away. Not because I can become faultless, but so that I can make room in my heart for more of God. Who knows me so well and loves me nevertheless.

copyright © Anne E. Kitch 2014