Monday, April 7, 2014

Safely held

Monday in the Fifth Week of Lent

Into your hands I commend my spirit,
   for you have redeemed me, 
   O Lord, O God of truth.   Psalm 31:5

I remove my earrings and place them in the velvet lined cloth pouch and zip it closed. I don’t remember where the pouch came from, but someone gave it to me. For years I have used it as the place I keep my pearl earrings. I do remember where the earrings came from. They were my grandmother’s and I always think of her when I wear them.

As I put the pouch away, I realize I act with almost ritual attention. The earrings are precious to me, and I treat them with care, respect, and even a kind of reverence.

There are days I would like to place my soul in a soft, velvet lined pouch for safekeeping. Days when my spirit feels fragile and in need of protection. Times when I yearn to be treated with extra care.

And I recognize the answer for this yearning. I can remember that I am precious, worth redeeming in God’s sight. I can place myself in God’s hands, which must be soft and safe and strong beyond compare.

copyright © Anne E. Kitch 2014
Image credit: romanenko / 123RF Stock Photo