Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday of the First Week of Advent

I give no offense with my mouth as others do;
   I have heeded the words of your lips.   Psalm 17:4

A fine sheen of mist gilds the full moon and gentles the early winter night. It gets dark so early this time of year, I think, as I walk across the parking lot on my way home from work. I pass the men gathered by the church door, waiting for a meal and a place to sleep on this cold night. I nod at them as I move on.

Earlier in the day, in the same parking lot, I had greeted a couple who were bringing in food to prepare for those men. They didn’t know how many guests to plan for. It’s only by word of mouth that the men in need know the church will welcome and shelter them this night. They cannot be reached by text messages or email blasts, nor send in a reservation.

By word of mouth. Isn’t that how any of us know of God’s goodness, of love, of compassion, of hope? And isn’t it also how any of us know of judgment, humiliation, condemnation?

How often do I give offense with my mouth, I think, as I get in my car and drive toward home. Even by not speaking. By not welcoming. By not offering a word of compassion or care.

By word of mouth. God’s hope entrusted to our lips.

Copyright Anne E. Kitch 2014