Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Wednesday in the Second Week of Lent

I see that all things come to an end,
but your commandment has no bounds.  
Psalm 119:96

The page from my witty daily calendar reads, “Spoiler alert! Everybody dies.”

I have to laugh. This is one page I will tuck away with a few others I have kept to pull out again on a day I need a lift of spirits.

Of course it is no spoiler at all, as most of us learn this important plot development at an early age. All things, even those most precious to us, come to an end. Yet I find that I am easily lulled into a sense of permanence. I like to order my life, set up systems so it all works, put controls in place to guarantee my security. As if I can structure all my life’s variables into an effective plan that will run along smoothly and indefinitely.

But life isn’t like that. Systems break down, situations change, children grow and have different demands, relationships transform for better or worse, institutions implode, things end, and people die.

Except for God, the source of all. God’s love and command of creation are not things that end. God cannot be bound within a lifespan, cannot be confined to a particular time or space or situation, cannot be restricted by doubt or even unbelief. I am the one who is limited. 

So, with my imperfect grasp of the hope that sustains me, I choose to stumble along in the wilderness for yet another day, trusting in holy boundlessness that, paradoxically, draws me close in a loving embrace.

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