Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Full Word

Wednesday in the Second Week of Lent
Saint Matthias the Apostle 

By the word of the Lord were the heavens made,
by the breath of his mouth all the heavenly hosts.
Psalm 33:6

Almost without thinking, almost without noticing, I look up. And have my breath taken away by the beauty of the full moon.

Although several people had mentioned it throughout the day, as people are wont to do when it comes to a full moon as a habitual explanation of all sorts of things going awry and coming together, I hadn’t thought to look for it.

Such a simple thing to flood my soul with such power. Yet the matter and dust and radiation and atmosphere and rotation of heavenly bodies that make this encounter possible are hardly simple. And it hangs on a word.

God spoke the world into being and God spoke me into it and God is speaking still. And whether I am paying attention or not, my soul reaches for the Word, restless.