Saturday, December 21, 2013

Small Pleasures

The Feast of St. Thomas
Saturday of the Third Week of Advent

The Lord shall watch over your going and your coming in,
   from this time forth for evermore.  Psalm 121:8

It is the first day of the winter break and I drop my daughter off at school at 7:00am.  The band leadership has been asked to report early; today they pack their instruments and have a final rehearsal before their trip to the Rose Parade in a few days.

No one else in our house is awake; we were out late last night at a show and I am sure my morning quiet time will be extended. As I drive back through town, on a whim I make a detour toward the deli. Fresh bagels sound just like what my household needs.  Though I am a tea drinker, I know we are out of coffee at home and I talk the deli owner into selling me some of his own ground coffee. I smile as I anticipate some very grateful people at my house.

These small things give me pleasure; driving my daughters to places they need to be, providing unsought-for indulgences for my family, imagining another’s happiness.

There is so much going and coming in our house; anything I can do to ease the way seems important work. Because my own way has already been eased by the one who loves me like no other. The one whose love is once again about to burst onto the scene with celestial lights and fanfare trumpets. The one whose love makes all love possible.

Copyright Anne E. Kitch 2013