Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Wednesday of the Second Week of Advent

For in you, O Lord, have I fixed my hope;
   you will answer me, O Lord my God.  Psalm 38:15

We are two candles into Advent and I crave more light.

Yesterday I bought another strand of lights for the Christmas tree. There were enough lights, but I wanted an abundance. I wanted the lights to sparkle and wink and delight. I wanted the colors to dance on the walls in the evening hours and in the pre-dawn black.

I do not want to hurry the season. I do not want to lose even a single day of waiting in expectation. I do not long for the summer sun or the hot sand of a beach somewhere. Rather, I bask in the warmth of a soft sweater, savor the silence of early night, and relish the illuminations that reach out with encouragement and promise.

I want to see and yearn for the light that shines in the darkness.

Two candles lit. As the darkness lengthens, the hopefulness of the light expands, undaunted.

Image credit: solarseven / 123RF Stock Photo 
Copyright Anne E. Kitch 2013