Friday, March 18, 2016

Path of trust

Friday in the Fifth Week of Lent

Let me hear of your loving kindness in the morning,
for I put my trust in you;
show me the road that I must walk,
for I lift up my soul to you.
Psalm 143:8

I could be on any road headed anywhere. The fog that has enveloped this morning’s landscape presents me with a wall of white. I cannot see far ahead of me, but have to trust that the way will be revealed. I assume that the road continues, my evidence being past experience.

Even as long as I have been walking with God, I do not know the way. Each morning as I wake and get out of bed, I have to put my trust in God. That God is merciful and gentle and loving. That God’s way continues. Because if I don’t trust in that, I could not stand. And evidence of past experience tells me that above all, God is merciful.

Everyday I set my feet upon the path anew. Everyday I walk a way I have not been before. Everyday I bring a different self to the journey, because I have been changed by the encounters of the day before. And everyday I open my soul to hear of God’s loving kindness so that I can step forth.