Monday, July 2, 2018

Just listen

They refused the pleasant land
and would not believe God’s promise.
They grumbled in their tents
and would not listen to the voice of the Lord.
Psalm 106:24-25

My morning prayer time seems somewhat tame, mundane. Which strikes me as a bit off, as I am about to set off on an important journey. Surely God has something profound to say to me this morning.

Sometimes my daily practice is like that. A routine, but not one that breaks open my heart. But this is what it means to be a practicing Christian: practice. The discipline builds spiritual muscles, endurance, flexibility. I keep at it. The day-to-day ritual takes the temperature of my relationship with God. Somedays I am on fire with the love of Jesus, and some days I feel left out in the cold, and some days I am lukewarm. But for the love of God I do not stop praying.

And today, as I send a perfunctory “open me to you will for me today” line to Jesus, a response comes back. Be more specific.

And my prayer changes. I move from, “What are you calling me to do” to “What are you calling me to hear?” Today, my walk will be in holy listening. I hold still for a moment and smile. I know there will be a lot to hear today.

Image credit: zsirosistvan / 123RF Stock Photo