Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fashioning of Hearts

Saturday in the Fourth Week of Lent

The Lord looks down from heaven,
and beholds all the people in the world.
He fashions all the hearts of them
and understand all their works.
Psalm 33:13, 15

I wake with a sense of contentment, for which I immediately give thanks. Even as I step out into the day, I feel myself blanketed in God’s loving care.

In my heart, I know that I am never without God’s love and mercy. God’s care for me is absolute—and does not depend on how I feel about it. Some days I know this with confidence. Some days I simply have to trust. All days, I am in God’s hands.

And not just me. All the people of the world are encompassed by God’s love. I wonder what it would be like to imagine God at work in everyone I encounter this day. I wonder.

Image Copyright: dolgachov / 123RF Stock Photo